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Hello! My name is Sheba and I am a ‘travelholic’. I have traveled to several countries around the world and I have been fortunate to see amazing things and meet lovely people. I am a part of Kenya Diggit! because I believe that my country is beautiful and full of potential. I feel the need to share with the rest of the world how Kenya is awesome and how Kenyans are creative, innovative and hardworking. Join me in seeing Kenya and I hope that Kenya Diggit! will motivate you to get out and see what Kenya has to offer.



Habari yako? Can I just tell you how magical Kenya is? Nope! I would love to show you. Through photographs and videos of beautiful places in my country. My father inculcated the love of travel and adventure in my siblings and I from a young age. As I grow older, I only wish to share how amazing my country is with others. The media has shown a certain stereotypical light towards my country for a very long time. My wish is to share with others that Kenya, and Africa is more than what the media depicts them to be. We have awe-inspiring sights, kind people and lovely cultures and traditions. I also love eating carrots 🙂 


Tell us something funky! :)

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