Time:             0800hrs

Location:      Nairobi, Kenya

Destination: Nairobi National Park

Coordinates: 1.3733° S, 36.8589° E

It was a beautiful Saturday morning that the Kenya Diggit! team embarked on the only national park in the world that is located in a capital city. The park is located only 7 km from Nairobi city. We travelled with the young Kenya Diggit! junior team and tested them on their animal kingdom knowledge.


A Lioness Protecting her cub


An Ostrich striding across the Park

The park has a large and diverse wildlife population.Species found in the park include African buffalo, baboon, black rhinoceros, Burchell’s zebra, cheetah,Coke’s hartebeest, Grant’s gazelle, hippopotamus, leopard, lion, Thomson’s gazelle, eland, impala, Masai giraffe, ostrich, vulture, and waterbuck. [Ref: kws.org]Image

Kenya, Nairobi, Tourism, Travels

A Lioness, her Cub & an Ostrich at Nairobi National Park


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